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The new PetTagMan website has been in the planning phase for far to long! Finally it was relaunched in 2012 to supply a high quality, long lasting embossed I.D. tag designed especially for your family pet. We've been specialising in the manufacture of customised identity tags for over 10 years now so it was only a natural progression to design an easy to use website for our customers to buy Pet Tags from. You've probably all seen the flashy looking colourful tags with patterns and trendy fonts out there and I do agree they look fantastic when they arrive in the mail. Unfortunately it's all down hill from there as these tags are designed to look nice in photos but your new purchase will quickly change to become a hard to read scratched tag that will need to be replaced again and again and again. Great for the place you purchased from, not so great having to pay over and over again!

Thats where the PetTagMan tag comes into its own. Our household had a variety of pets from cats(their names were Whiskey, Puss, Katie and Sammy) to dogs Zac and Jess along with a large number of budgies, canaries, finches and parrots. Anyone knows that your pets, especially the dogs and cats can get up to all sorts of mischief and their personalised tags will cop the brunt of it all when running through bushes and up trees!

We use one tag type only. Stainless Steel. It is high quality Australian made which we machine emboss the tag with your animals particular details. Stainless Steel Pet Tags are the toughest material available for your pets and will they not dent and scratch like aluminium, will not tarnish like brass or totally scratch off the printing coating on the latest colourful printed tags.

Metal embossing is where the text is stamped right through the tag in large easy to read UPPERCASE letters so it is permanent and cannot be scratched off. Unless your pet is highly talented and able to put his or her tag in a vice then hit it with a hammer then their details are safe on our tags.

We firmly believe the product we produce will give everyone access to a high quality, long lasting product that will do the job it is intended to do for a very minimal cost. Our tags might not be cool or trendy however PetTagMan products are a cheap, quick and simple solution giving peace of mind for a problem many owners may have to face at some time in their life. The tragic disappearance of a loved pet.

Thank you for visiting our online business and if you have any queries on our Pet I.D. tags feel free to contact us. If you would like to give us some feedback we welcome you to contact us or if you would like to purchase your own personalised Travel I.D. Tags or Medic alert tags then you can do so by clicking here.


ATTENTION: PetTagman currently are on leave!

Please note if you wish to make any purchases, we will not be able to make your order
until our return on the 7th July. However if you place an order during this time and pay for it, we
would like to offer you a 10% discount on your order to show our appreciation for your patience.

Just enter the following code into the promo box in the checkout and you order will be discounted.

We look forward in fulfilling your order!

Regards The team at PetTagman


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