PetTagMan - How To Use Your Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner

Do you have a problem keeping your smart screen clean. Other than hiring the above Pug to clean your screen which isn't very affective, we have the solution for you!

If you spend more than $20 in one transaction, we include a bonus mobile phone screen cleaner with your order. This can be used on any smart screen you may have like an Ipad, tablet or smart phone. These great little inventions are made from microfibre and work a treat on cleaning that horrible mess from your smeared screen!

They are quick and simple to use, just peel off from the included card, press your finger to the sticky side then simply move around the screen to remove all those nasty unwanted marks on your screen. When finished, simply stick to the screen cleaner to the back of your phone or other smart item and it just sits there quietly ready for its next use!

How to Video Coming Soon!

ATTENTION: PetTagman currently are on leave!

Please note if you wish to make any purchases, we will not be able to make your order
until our return on the 7th July. However if you place an order during this time and pay for it, we
would like to offer you a 10% discount on your order to show our appreciation for your patience.

Just enter the following code into the promo box in the checkout and you order will be discounted.

We look forward in fulfilling your order!

Regards The team at PetTagman


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